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Asif Afridi is part of the Civil Society Futures panel. He works for brap, a national equality and human rights charity.

Inclusive recruitment in the charity sector

This short blog is produced by Green Park, Civil Society Futures, and brap in the hope of encouraging further discussion and action on the topic of inclusive recruitment practice at senior leadership level within the charity sector. Building leadership for the future We are talking about leadership more and more in the charity sector. Across …

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Committing to the Voluntary Sector Compact

The state and the voluntary sector have always had an uneasy friendship, to put it mildly. In the mid-1990s the government produced a framework intended to put this relationship on a more equal footing. Called the Voluntary Sector Compact, the framework offered rules for engagement that would help to protect the voluntary sector’s role in …

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Changing society: changing ourselves

One of the fascinating things about the inquiry process has been travelling the country to see how civil society is making a difference in different areas. Just as local challenges are unique, the responses from community groups have been similarly varied. But, as we’ve said previously, there are also some challenges that are often shared …

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