ARTICLES Bert Massie was a giant in our world

Bert Massie was a giant in our world

Bert Massie at the Civil Society Futures away day, Birmingham, 2017. Image, Civil Society Futures/Creative Commons.

So many people across the voluntary sector, government and wider public policy will have been saddened by the terrible news of the death of Sir Bert Massie. He was, as so many others will say, a giant in our world, a brilliant and effective campaigner, with a clear-eyed focus on what can be achieved when people get together. But less well known will be the fact that in the last few months of his life he joined the Panel steering Civil Society Futures, the Independent Inquiry into the Future of Civil Society. He brought to the panel decades of wisdom and insight, and his stories of social change were central in helping us craft our approach. But he also bought a steely focus on the need to make a difference, powered by his passionate belief that not only was fundamental social change possible, it was essential. His humour, intellect and massive personal support will live on – and will ensure that the Inquiry never loses its determination to both hear those voices that are too frequently muffled, and drive lasting social change.