Power & Civil Society. Session part of Unlikely Suspects Festival, June 2017.

We have spent our first year of the inquiry listening hard, engaging over 1,500 people in deep discussion. Our aim throughout has been to be humble in learning about what is happening, but bold in what we look at.

Applying this principle, we created different invitations for people to contribute however they saw fit: through a formal call for contributions, through running a series of in-depth community workshops, participating in events organised by others, as well as an open source format for #CivilSocietyFutures Conversations.


The feedback we had from conversation hosts was that the toolkit provided a framework for dialogue that is easy to follow and can be applied to virtually any topic – so we’re publishing the toolkit as a standalone resource for anyone to use going forward as well.


What’s coming next?

Young people

In the months ahead we’re running several events in towns and cities around England to hear more from young people about what they want for the future and to involve them in starting to create it — culminating in a big event towards the end of the school holidays for young people from around the country.

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Civil Society Futures Festival

Autumn/winter 2018 — take part in our festival celebrating inspiring examples of change and bringing together people creating the future from across civil society to plan change from 2019 into the next decade.

More coming soon…

16th January 2017