Final reports

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Final reports

Civil Society Futures is a two-year independent inquiry into the future of civil society in England, the first major inquiry of its kind for over two decades.

See also – Julia Unwin’s speech to launch the reports:


6th November 2018


  1. Angela Kerry says:

    Is there any possibility of a simple print version of this report without all graphics and colour? I am finding it almost impossible to print and read.

  2. James Derounian says:

    No mention I can see AT ALL of local (parish, town and community)….about 10,000 of these serving urban and rural communities in Eng and Wales….since the 19th century!! Able to levy taxes to fund local action; councillors = volunteers, linking to residents.

    What an omission.

    • John Hesketh says:

      Agree with James. I’m a parish clerk to two councils in Cornwall and see the potential for them to embed these principles in their work. Can I suggest the authors contact NALC (national association of local councillors) to get wider distribution of your report?

  3. Alexander says:

    Social division cannot be solved by means of democratic power struggles. Democracy and the desire for power are the problem, not the solution. Until this society develops a unified morality, power will simply continue as a dangerous weapon that will leave individuals subject to the inhumanity of whichever group takes power.

    The headings of these reports do not indicate any awareness of how fundamental the recreation and reintroduction of a unified morality to Britain is to the question of the continued abuse of power in society. Discussion will get us nowhere when we do not actually share the same fundamental beliefs. Diversity of beliefs will therefore get us nowhere and democracy will simply continue to allow majorities to oppress individuals with whatever their latest fashionable belief is.

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