Funding the Cooperative City – lessons from across Europe

Funding the Cooperative City – lessons from across Europe

Funding the Cooperative City – lessons from across Europe

One of the constant themes we’ve heard during the first year of the Civil Society Futures inquiry is about the need to create places and spaces for people to come together, to create things together and meet new people.

Daniela Patti and Levente Polyák have written a new book Funding the Cooperative City: Community Finance and the Economy of Civic Space telling a pan-European story of what’s happening. From citizen initiatives, cooperatives, non-profit companies, community land trusts, crowdfunding platforms to community shares and anti-speculation foundations, it’s a fascinating read.

It doesn’t stop at our shores — there are important examples from Liverpool and London and discussion of the context here.  But by joining up what’s happening across lots more of our neighbouring countries too there’s a fascinating picture.

What can England learn from how others are experimenting?

Read the book online for free here — and if you’re in London, come and join a discussion on 5 February about what else we see emerging and what this might tell us about the future of civil society in England.

The event will be hosted by Participatory City and one of their new Everyone Everyday shop fronts will be hosting the evening. St Mark’s Gate in Barking has also been one of Civil Society Futures deep dive locations, so we’re excited to be taking the inquiry back to the area.  Sign up to attend the event here or if you can’t be there in person share your examples, ideas or questions in the comments below.

22nd January 2018

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