ARTICLES Event feedback: Peckham

Event feedback: Peckham

Civil Society Futures Peckham workshop

Who? Active citizens of Peckham

What? Discussing the future of Peckham, and the forces shaping it

Where? All Saints Church, Peckham

When? 6:30pm, 23rd May, 2017

Why?  This was part of Goldsmith’s research

Insights: (what stood out for you?)

It was clear that people in the workshop had a range of shared concerns, and were particularly keen to preserve Peckham’s diversity in the light of rising housing costs. They saw civil society/community activism as how they organised citizens to ensure their interests were acted on.

So what? 

What does this tell you about civil society in the future?

Peckham was one of our ‘hot spots’, with huge amounts of community activity. Everyone there seemed to be involved in a huge range of things, and to have remarkably shared concerns despite their diversity of backgrounds.

What are the drivers (or barriers) of change in civil society that came out for you?

Driver: People were motivated to stand together in a changing world

Barrier: Rapid changes in the local economy/housing market.

What is working really well in civil society today?

People organise together, and always will.

What do you see declining?

With the London housing market on the rampage, communities are being torn apart as young people are forced out of the areas they grew up in. This makes community building harder.

What are the new emerging models/forms of civil society?

As ever, online organisation is most powerful among people who already know each other

What is the question you are now left with?
Will Peckham retain its amazing sense of community, or will it become another investment vehicle for global capital?