We know that we’ll all be having lots of fascinating conversations, attending lots of different events and sessions and we want to find a way of capturing some of the most interesting insights and experiences on the online Civil Society Futures hub in a consistent format that will help further down the line.

We’ve developed this short format to capture some of the richness of these experiences and bring a personal perspective to the hub. The ‘Playback’ section of the hub will host these and we’ll be inviting the panel, workshop participants, and those we’ve had conversations with to capture their insights.

If you have any feedback, or would like to write a ‘playback’ piece, get in touch with Adam – [email protected]


  • » “Learn to listen – learn to collaborate”

    14th December 2017 – The Blagrave Trust funds around 50 youth organisations in the South East of England. We recently brought them and young people together at the Blagrave Trust’s annual partners event. We discussed the future for young people in order to contribute to the Civil Society Futures Inquiry. Quotes below are from people attending the event. What … Read more»


  • » “We come out of change and challenge…” – Corra Foundation event

    20th November 2017 – …Those words from Julia Unwin powerfully capture the spirit of the Change Convention, hosted by Corra Foundation on 9 October in Edinburgh. The day brought together around 300 people, mainly from the voluntary sector, and offered a platform for conversations about how we can create positive change in times of uncertainty. Illustrator Amber Anderson spent … Read more»


  • » VIDEO: How can civil society​ ​tackle​ ​inequalities​ without​ ​increasing​ ​divisions​?

    3rd November 2017 – On 30 October people from across civil society gathered to discuss an important question: how​ ​can​ ​we​ ​continue​ ​to​ ​address specific​ ​inequalities​ ​in​ ​our​ ​society without​ ​increasing​ ​divisions​ ​between communities​ ​and​ ​groups? The meeting is one of dozens of independently organised Conversations being hosted around the country, the insights of which are playing an important … Read more»


  • » Event feedback: A business perspective on Civil Society

    1st August 2017 – What do business leaders think about the future of civil society? The basics: Who?  Pioneer business partners from the Forum for the Future network, including representatives form Unilever, Boots, Kingfisher, Marks & Spencers, Innovate UK, Crown Estate Where?  Elmley Nature Reserve, Kent  When?  18th Jul 2017 Why?  Part of an annual ‘away day’ with this group who … Read more»


  • » Event feedback: Funders workshop

    21st July 2017 – Who? The Directors and other senior staff of the charitable trusts and foundations funding Civil Society Futures (Baring Foundation, Barrow Cadbury Trust, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, City Bridge Trust, Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Lloyds Bank Foundation) What? To consider the future role of charitable trusts and foundations. Where? Barrow Cadbury Trust When? June 9th … Read more»


  • » Event feedback: Marks Gate

    29th June 2017 – Civil Society Futures Marks Gate workshop The basics: Who? Active citizens of Marks Gate, Barking and Dagenham What? Discussing the future of Marks Gate, and the forces shaping it Where? St Marks Church, Barking. When? 6:30pm, 27th June, 2017 Why?  This was part of Goldsmith’s research Insights: (what stood out for you?) It was clear … Read more»


  • » Event feedback: Unusual Suspects Festival x Power Dynamics in Civil Society

    21st June 2017 – Where does your power come from and how does it relate to power in the systems and structures around you? What power do we have as civil society and how can we deploy it for positive and transformative change? Who? Louise, Corina and Khadra from the Civil Society Futures team ran a session as part … Read more»


  • » Event feedback: Peckham

    31st May 2017 – Civil Society Futures Peckham workshop The basics: Who? Active citizens of Peckham What? Discussing the future of Peckham, and the forces shaping it Where? All Saints Church, Peckham When? 6:30pm, 23rd May, 2017 Why?  This was part of Goldsmith’s research Insights: (what stood out for you?) It was clear that people in the workshop had … Read more»


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