This area of the hub will highlight a growing bank of resources the Inquiry process will uncover through the Call for Evidence.

Starting off, we are sharing the initial research report, which explores current trends and identifies future possibilities for civil society. The research report highlights the key elements from the background research that stand out as underpinning the possibilities for civil society futures, and sets out the key questions they raise.

The different report sections look at key terms and historical contexts, examine the impact of austerity on the voluntary and community sector, look at how this has impacted on ‘overlooked’ places and what this means in light of the ‘localism agenda’, as well as picking up the theme of declining trust in elites and institutions both in the UK and across the western world.

In order to grow this bank of resources, please have a look at the Call for Evidence to see how you can contribute to this process.


Read the summary of the research report

Download the report summary (PDF 2.3mb)

Read the full research report

Download the full report (PDF 2.6mb)


Report bibliography – A wide range of links to relevant articles and research


Other UK resources

  • Back to Bedlam – The Centre for Welfare Reform has published a major review of public policy for people with a learning disability by the distinguished academic and researcher Robin Jackson.
  • The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation inquiry into the civic role of arts organisations (pdf).
  • The Stir to Action toolbox, which full of tools to help you engage your community, find the right legal structures, work together and raise social finance.

International resources

16th January 2017