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It’s time for charities to make executive pay public (and other highlights from the new Charity Governance Code)

From transparency to board diversity, the new Charity Governance Code is designed to rebuild trust. Civil Society Futures asked me to blog about the new Charity Governance Code. Although, as chair of the Code’s Steering Group, I’ve written lots of articles about it, this request immediately put me into a spin as I wondered what …

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“Philanthropy should not be colonised by the rich” – Civil Society Futures evidence from Andrew Purkis

We are calling on members of the public from all backgrounds to submit evidence to our Civil Society Futures via our call for contributions. Today, we publish Andrew Purkis’ submission, with his permission. Introduction I have spent most of my working life in the organised part of civil society, having been Chair of 4 UK …

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How managerialism is killing civil society organisations (and how to fight it)

‘Our people are our greatest asset,’ proclaims an empty management slogan repeated ad nauseam by executives across all sectors, as they downsize, modernise, streamline and restructure their way towards greater ‘efficiencies’ in which people become as replaceable machine parts. Nowhere is the contradiction more glaring than amongst civil society organisations. Those whose mission statements explicitly …

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