Civil Society Futures continues until the end of 2018. Please be part of it — and together let’s create lasting change. Below we’ve highlighted ways to take part:


Are you struggling to have power over the things that matter to you? We will be doing more to involve communities from Newcastle to Peckham to Penzance, people who are disabled, LGBTQI+ and others — whoever you are, we want to hear your story too.


Have you already been involved in making ambitious change to put power in the hands of people and communities? We know there are great examples of change all around the country — we want to hear yours to help others see how change is possible. Are you already working on tackling one of the issues raised or have an idea you can pursue? Tell us what you’re doing so we can share it.


How can you put power in people’s hands where you are? Reflect on what you’re doing already, experiment, discuss, run an event. We’ll have a DIY toolkit ready by the end of May you can use to help guide you — express your interest here.

Other ways to take part

Develop a big idea

We’ll be exploring some of the ideas for change we’ve mentioned in our one year update – want to take part? Sign up to our email newsletter below to hear how.

Submit a blog or video

If you’d like to contribute to our online hub with a blog, video or photo story, please email [email protected]

16th January 2017