We need your opinion… Take part now.

We need your opinion… Take part now.

This inquiry is all about your perspective on civil society. Answer your questions below, and help us understand how your corner of civil society is facing the future.


  1. Jonathan Schofield says:

    Many 20th Century institutions, and the frameworks that guide and constrain them, are not fit for purpose anymore. Changing them for the better is going to be long and painful. Let’s get to it.

  2. David Gibson says:

    We need to engage on a structured and focussed debate on what it means to be a citizen in the modern, technological age. What is the role and function of the state? How can we utilise the skills and abilities of the populace-particularly the older generation who have expertise to pass on. Nordic states have a slightly better track record in bringing social partners together and having a rational debate. No system is perfect but we need to look outwards to go role models to assist the internal dialectic.

    • foureyes says:

      we need to address danger of mega-rich elite consolidating their power, and Blair is expecting reward for past and present service… boss of post Brexit rump UK? or whatever a megalomaniac might accept, to do the dirty work of his mega rich masters. Don’t listen to what he says, pay attention to what he does, and has done; his unpleasant record of lies, secrecy and sucking-up continues as he waits and schemes. He doesn’t give up.

      • David says:

        I agree, Blair is exactly how Clair Short describes.
        A manipulative and deviousness that’s an embarrassment to not only the labour party but the destroyer of the authority of the UN.

        With his co conspirator Bush, he set back the aims and principles of the UN back over 50 years.

  3. Kathy Fuller says:

    Politics as provided by the two major parties has failed us and needs reform; both the voting system and parliament itself. Short termism has damaged decision making over major infrastructure projects. We need new ways of deciding what we want our futures to be, regional forums perhaps, in which ordinary citizens’ views are given as much time as those of party politicians.

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