Reimagining work and purpose

Reimagining work and purpose

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Equal Care Co-op: using technology to redirect power in front-line social care

14th November 2018

The Equal Care Co-op is a new care and support co-operative starting in the Upper Calder Valley, aiming to give real voice and power to the people who give and receive support.

A more welcoming Mansfield?

8th August 2018

Do all divides and tensions reflect deeper social issues which affect everyone – like education, housing, employment and safety? Maybe if we could make these things better, attitudes and integration would follow.

Delivering justice in a Deliveroo world

18th July 2018

Our case is the biggest in employment law in a generation, fighting for basic rights like paid annual leave and the minimum wage.

Fairwork Foundation

11th June 2018

We are starting a ‘Fairwork Foundation’ to set minimum standards in the gig economy. Can we change the rules of the future?

Mondragon Cooperative Corporation, Spain

Can we democratise industry?

11th June 2018

The Mondragon Cooperative Corporation is an example of a federation democratising industry – is this the way forward for the future of work?

5 challenges for civil society in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

9th January 2018

Watch any Hollywood science fiction movie, and there comes a point in every storyline where the advanced technologies meant to improve life start to show signs of impending disaster. Typically this is when the skeptical character is finally heard, and the team of heroes regroups to make a plan to move forward together. Civil society … Read more

The Corra Foundation - Reflecting and looking forward

“We come out of change and challenge…” – Corra Foundation event

20th November 2017

…Those words from Julia Unwin powerfully capture the spirit of the Change Convention, hosted by Corra Foundation on 9 October in Edinburgh. The day brought together around 300 people, mainly from the voluntary sector, and offered a platform for conversations about how we can create positive change in times of uncertainty. Illustrator Amber Anderson spent … Read more

Precarious workers are organising – trade unions need to catch up

30th October 2017

It wasn’t long after he joined Uber in 2013 that it became clear to Yaseen Aslam – a ten-year veteran in the minicab trade – just how vulnerable he was if he didn’t team up with other drivers. “For me it was about how Uber could turn me off at the touch of a button … Read more

Both May and Bazalgette are wrong: Their idea of creativity won’t solve Britain’s social and economic problems

28th September 2017

Creativity has been in the news quite a bit over the last week. There’s been Theresa May calling for a more ‘creative’ approach to the Brexit disaster. There’s also been a major policy report on the Creative Industries. The latter has been part of the government’s industrial strategy, one of nine industrial activities targeted for … Read more

Lessons from Shirebrook: Economic change is nothing new – civil society must shape it, or be shaped by it

18th September 2017

To say that society is shaped by the relations underpinning the way that economic activity is organized is not a new idea. It is most famously associated with Karl Marx, but you don’t have to be a Marxist to recognise that culture, customs and civic life are all to some degree influenced by economic forces. … Read more

“But wait, I’m woke!”: The trials of the white male manager

11th May 2017

No white, cisgender, middle class man just “lands” in a senior position in an organisation.

Organising the workers whose jobs are made precarious by technology

12th April 2017

In early 2015, a group of bicycle couriers got together to work out how they could get a pay rise. They hadn’t had one in 15 years, while costs inflated by 58%, meaning a pay cut of over a third in real terms. In February of that year they joined the Independent Workers Union of … Read more

25th April 2018