Young people

Future generations

Young people shaping their own future

“Trust young people – listen carefully and act with them” Blagrave Trust Conversation

This inquiry is about the future – and future generations must be at the heart of that.

Throughout the inquiry we heard many expressions of hope that young people will bring about change.

That can only happen if civil society is connected to young people, actively shifts power to them, is accountable to them and trusts them. We set out to ensure that the insights of the next generation are properly heard, learnt from and acted upon.

Pioneering youth-led groups that are an active part of civil society came together from across the country, including GL4 from Gloucester, Speaker’s Corner from Bradford, 20 Stories High from Liverpool and Voices That Shake from London, in collaboration with three youth ambassadors, inquiry panel member Rhiannon White and Ruth Ibegbuna. What are their hopes, fears and visions for the future?


GL4 beatboxing performance at the Civil Society Futures final launch


Letter to civil society

Read young people’s letter to civil society

Poem of hopes and fears for the future

How are young people feeling about the future?

Read the results of our youth survey

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