Young people

Future generations

Young people shaping their own future

“Trust young people – listen carefully and act with them” Blagrave Trust Conversation

This inquiry is about the future – and future generations must be at the heart of that.

Throughout the inquiry we heard many expressions of hope that young people will bring about change.

That can only happen if civil society is connected to young people, actively shifts power to them, is accountable to them and trusts them. We set out to ensure that the insights of the next generation are properly heard, learnt from and acted upon.

Pioneering youth-led groups that are an active part of civil society came together from across the country, including GL4 from Gloucester, Speaker’s Corner from Bradford, 20 Stories High from Liverpool and Voices That Shake from London, in collaboration with three youth ambassadors, inquiry panel member Rhiannon White and Ruth Ibegbuna. What are their hopes, fears and visions for the future?


GL4 beatboxing performance at the Civil Society Futures final launch


Letter to civil society

Read young people’s letter to civil society

Poem of hopes and fears for the future

How are young people feeling about the future?

Read the results of our youth survey

More youth-related stories and opinion:

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If charities are committed to change, young people should not be seen as an add-on

13th December 2018

Where do young people feel a sense of belonging? What are their hopes and fears for the future? We wanted to find out, so we spoke to Voices That Shake! to hear directly from young people. “I’ve stopped using the phrase ‘children are the future’, because that means you’ve kept today for yourself. They’re the … Read more

Why a reinvigorated civil society now needs the ideas to match the size of its ambition

18th November 2018

The Chief Executive of the Scouts welcomes Civil Society Futures as a blueprint for the sector’s reinvention and reappraisal. But it’s how we make connections, galvanise our supporters and most importantly think bolder, that will make the real difference.

Chain by Liverpool docks

Marmite and millions

2nd July 2018

From being a Scouser to life after Brexit, what are young people in Liverpool’s hopes and fears?

Young people in Parliament

UpRising leadership programmes shifting power

2nd May 2018

UpRising was founded in 2008 to work with talented young people from diverse backgrounds and support them to progress in their chosen fields. We tackle the lack of representation at the highest leadership levels of society.

Jew Street, Penzance

Anger and hope in Penzance

2nd May 2018

“There’s a huge amount of active, pissed off, determined people who are trying to deliver all sorts of change within Cornwall. So I think that’s where the hope is”

Michael from Winchester

“Learn to listen – learn to collaborate”

14th December 2017

The Blagrave Trust funds around 50 youth organisations in the South East of England. We recently brought them and young people together at the Blagrave Trust’s annual partners event. We discussed the future for young people in order to contribute to the Civil Society Futures Inquiry. Quotes below are from people attending the event. What … Read more

From soldiers to students, chapels to cinemas: lessons from England’s first capital

13th November 2017

“When I first started drinking here, the bottom half of town was out of bounds. That’s where the squaddie bars were.” My new friend pointed out the regimental cap-badges lined up behind the spirit bottles in the nearly empty pub. These days, those knocking back shots are not soldiers, but students. And Winchester’s undergraduates, it … Read more

Precarious workers are organising – trade unions need to catch up

30th October 2017

It wasn’t long after he joined Uber in 2013 that it became clear to Yaseen Aslam – a ten-year veteran in the minicab trade – just how vulnerable he was if he didn’t team up with other drivers. “For me it was about how Uber could turn me off at the touch of a button … Read more

Nowhere to call home: England’s ‘hidden homeless’

20th September 2017

Work as a legal aid housing lawyer throws up all kinds of scenarios. Many of our clients have already been evicted and are homeless. The image of homelessness that most commonly springs to mind is rough sleeping, but we spend much time advising and representing the ‘hidden homeless’: meaning those not visible sleeping on the … Read more

“Over the last six years, we have become a more open, tolerant country”

30th August 2017

HOPE not hate’s Fear and HOPE report has charted attitudes towards race, faith, immigration and belonging in England since 2011. The most detailed survey of its kind asks over 4,000 people 140 questions pertinent to current events. Our fourth report looks at economic pessimism, the effects of the Brexit vote, the recent attacks on Manchester … Read more

Use the anger of leaderless youth to transform society: the case of Belfast Pride

18th August 2017

On the first Saturday of August, nearly a month after the near-inevitable controversy of Belfast’s Eleventh Night bonfires and Twelfth parades, over 5000 people marched in the city’s annual Pride Parade, a protest which is a response to Northern Ireland’s present and future, rather than its sectarian past. Why, in NI, where the largest party … Read more

Event feedback: Marks Gate

29th June 2017

Civil Society Futures Marks Gate workshop The basics: Who? Active citizens of Marks Gate, Barking and Dagenham What? Discussing the future of Marks Gate, and the forces shaping it Where? St Marks Church, Barking. When? 6:30pm, 27th June, 2017 Why?  This was part of Goldsmith’s research Insights: (what stood out for you?) It was clear … Read more

17th November 2018